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Key messages for healthy and abundant marine resources

Healthy marine resources contribute to community benefits, wellbeing and continuity of cultural practices and values. Healthy marine resources improve the livelihoods of coastal communities and build their adaptive capacity. To remain healthy and abundant for today and the future, marine resources need the following:

  • Healthy habitats
  • Large enough areas of habitats
  • Successful reproduction
  • Effective Community-Based Management

You can find out more from the following documents:

  • CBRM Toolkit (the document will be available when completed)
  • Designing effective locally managed areas in Tropical Marine Environments: A facilitator’s guide to help sustain community benefits through management of fisheries, ecosystems and climate change. 

Awareness support materials

CBRM Toolkit

If you are planning to do a community awareness and you are not a fisheries expert download the CBRM Toolkit to guide you with community fisheries issues. (We will add the toolkit here shortly).

Posters and Factsheets

Click here to view and download SPC posters and factsheets

There are many posters to use in awareness activities which can be distributed to communities and schools.

  1. Are we finding it hard to catch fish?
  2. What if we lost our mangroves?
  3. What if we lost our seagrass?
  4. The most dangerous species of our coasts and lagoons
  5. Healthy fisheries resources vs overharvesting
  6. Some marine coastal food fish of the Solomon Islands

Download the most appropriate poster for your community fisheries management awareness from the SPC website at the link above. 

The following factsheets can be left for communities after a community fisheries management awareness activity:

  1. Guide and information sheets for fishing communities. There are 29 factsheets.
  2. There are 3 leaflets on Community Resource Management, Destructive Fishing and Community-Managed no-take areas in fisheries management.  

Schools resources

Click here to view and download our schools resources