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Fisheries Information and Statistics

The functions of the Fisheries Information and Statistics unit are to:

  • Collate and disseminate fisheries statistics and information
  • Data collection and processing
  • Database review and redesign
  • Collaborate with ICTSU on IT matters 
  • Provide Tuna data to meet regional obligations
  • Assist in pre-inspection of Tuna fishing vessels
  • Liaise with fishing industries for missing data
  • Analysis of fisheries data

Export Data from the Statistics division 



For more data on Marine Products click on this link.


Pole and line ctach by Foreign and domestic fleet 2015-2018

Pole and line catch by domestic fleet 2018

Purse seine catch by  Foreign and domestic fleet 2018

Purse seine catch by Foreign and Domestic fleet in SI EEZ

Tuna  and marine products export 2015-2018.

Tuna long line catch by Foreign and Donestic fleet in SI EEZ 2018

Tuna long line catch Foriegn and domestic 2015-2018