solomon-islands-flag Government of Solomon Islands


Provincial Fisheries Development Division


  • To facilitate the development of coastal fisheries resources in partnership with the Provinces, constituencies and the communities of Solomon Islands.   


The Division operates through the following sections:

Provincial Development and Extension

Works with the Provinces and communities in the following areas:

  • To strengthen management of fisheries centres,
  • Provision of fisheries workshops and trainings,
  • Organising of the Annual Provincial and stakeholder meetings
  • Deployment of fish aggregating devices (FADs),
  • Assist small scale fishers in their project proposals and identify Provinces development aspirations, market opportunities at the local and rural level.

Electrical and Refrigeration section

Provides maintenance, support services and training at fisheries centres established sites in the country.

Community fisheries section

Works with the communities for the better management and sustainable use of inshore fisheries resources.