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The Research section is typically an inshore fisheries scientific and biological research stream. It is structured under the inshore fisheries management department. It is manifested with the responsibility of providing technical and scientific advice to the Solomon Islands Government on fisheries resources of the country ensuring that they are properly managed and exploited at a sustainable level for the long term benefit of the country and its people, and to ensure resources are not depleted unnecessary. 

The fisheries scientific and biological information provided to the SI Government is based on the primary resource assessments, monitoring, and other related fisheries researches, and also collaboration with other Government agencies (MECDM) Regional (SPC, SPREP, USP, FFA), NGOs (Worldfish Centre, WWF) and International institutions. 

Specific tasks

  1. Carrying out marine scientific baseline surveys as required by the SI Government of any marine species of concerned in SI archipelagic or coastal waters.
  2. Conduct Environmental Impact Assessments when required by the SI Government or ordinary citizens.
  3. Liaise with regional institutions or organisations in respect to research activities being undertaken or programmed for Solomon Islands.
  4. Prepare and explains research results to the Solomon Islands Government and the general the public.


Public documents and reports will be made available for download here.  

Staff members

Please contact us through the Contacts Page. Of current team members are:

  • Paul Jay Tua - Chief Fisheries Officer – Research
  • Stephen Attallifo Mosese - Principal Fisheries Officer – Research
  • Peter Rex Lausu'u - Senior Fisheries Officer
  • George D Tavake - Senior Fisheries Officer - Research