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Featured employee Carlos Alex

This months featured employee is Carlos Alex

Alex Carlos is the longest serving officer in the Ministry of Fisheries having worked here for over four decades.

He joined after he completed year 7 at King George VI School. As a student he was at the school when government officers visited the school to hold career talks. 

Carlos’ interest was taken by the fisheries aspect of the Ministry of Natural Resources and he obtained a position with the Ministry on trial basis straight from school.

Fisheries has passed to and from the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources since the 1970s. Based at Lengakiki, the Ministry of Natural Resources included mines, forestry and fisheries at the time of independence. 

In the late 1990s fisheries was housed in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries eventually becoming its own Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources only in 2007.

School leavers were recruited as “emeritus” and if accepted, as Carlos was, graduated to become Fisheries Assistants. After 2-3 years in the pre-service the government would pay for further education.

For some this consisted of an international university education, for others such as Carlos it included technical trainings in New Zealand and Japan. These covered such things as “practical fishing methods, a bit of aquaculture e.g. mussel and eel farming in New Zealand – officers in training were attached to working farms, a bit of preservation and ship crewing, hygiene and factory work.

Following this standard government service, from that stage on the impression for officers was that there was not such clear path to move through the system” Carlos says.

The young guys mostly progressed on merit- really it was just based on the time of service.”

Carlos had his first posting in 1975 to the provinces starting in Marau, Guadalcanal then Makira and Western Province. He ended up in Malaita in 1978, the year of Solomon Islands independence.