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Fisheries Minister Hon. John Maneniaru congratulating site developer Mr. David Leeming while looking on is MFMR Communications Officer
Fisheries Minister Hon. John Maneniaru congratulating site developer Mr. David Leeming while looking on is MFMR Communications Officer

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has officially launched its website after nearly a year of development.

The site contains information from all the different divisions inside the ministry and it surely is a one stop shop for those looking for information on fisheries in Solomon Islands.

The MFMR, with support from the Solomon Island Government’s IT Unit (the ICTSU) and a local company developed the website for the Ministry at the end of last year. The website is part of a broader communications strategy to be developed by the Ministry.

As well as providing clear, up to date and important information required by the stakeholders of the Ministry, the website becomes part of SIG’s e-government infrastructure. E-government enables more efficient provision of services and builds trust and accountability by providing citizens and stakeholders the capacity to participate and engage with the process of governance. 

For MFMR it enables improved outreach, support and transparency for all their partners including rural, community and provincial fisheries, offshore investors, MFMR observers, financial and technical partners, researchers and the general public.

Minister of Fisheries Honourable John Maneniaru, who officially launched the website, has called on his staff to take ownership of this important communication tool by providing regular updates for its pages.

“For a website to be effective it must be maintained according to a coherent strategy designed to help the organisation communicate and to use it optimally to meet core organisational goals,” he said prior to the officially launching Friday last week. 

He stressed that the website will also create new affordances that may impact on existing programmes and services, for instance in creating more efficient and responsive ways of working. 

It is hoped that the launching of the website will improve;

•the efficiency and transparency of governance and facilitates better engagement of citizens, stakeholders and partners 

•A good reliable and well maintained website builds trust and confidence. 

•Communicates SIG’s policies and strategies in regard to sustainable management of fisheries 

•Communicates Solomon Islands fisheries laws and regulations

Additionally, it will also provide one-stop shop for 

•corporate information 

•latest news from the Ministry and its divisions 

•information about programmes, projects such as MSSIF and services

•resources for MFMR stakeholders, including investors and communities  

•information and careers and MFMR tenders 

•links to the regional databases and systems required by the industry partners

The website at the launch date is mostly ready, although some pages are still being populated. The website should be thought of as a continual on-going work, as a reliable source of the latest information about MFMR