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Workshop Announcement for investors

Notice to Longline Fishery Operators and Stakeholders*

Subject: Solomon Islands National Longline Fisheries Management Workshop

Date: 13 – 14th September 2016

Venue: Heritage Park Hotel, A’Hara Meeting Room

Time: 9am – 5pm

Purpose: The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) will be hosting a National Longline (LL) Fisheries Management Workshop for Longline Fishery Operators and Stakeholders. This Workshop is to provide an opportunity for all the stakeholders in the Longline Fishery to meet and discuss the MFMR plan to implement the LL Vessel Day Scheme (VDS) in 2017. Other important issues on the agenda for discussion is the E-reporting and E-monitoring on the longline fleets, which is proposed to commence in 2017 as well.

Brief Agenda

1.Opening and Introduction (Permanent Secretary / Under Secretary)

2.LLVDS and proposed system of allocations (Edward Honiwala)

3.I-FIMS, LL VDS review and E-Reporting (Derrick Tagosia & Leon Hickie)

4.Solomon Islands offloading obligations (Edward Honiwala, Derrick Suimae, & Johnathan Wara)

5.MFMR E-monitoring programme (Richard Banks)

6.Possible NGO support to establishing EM (WWF, TNC, Pew, & EDF)

7.Industry concerns (TIASI)

8.Review of EM funding mechanisms (Richard Banks)

9.MFMR Licence and VDS fees (Edward Honiwala and Selina Lipa)


*Note: this online reference notice is relevant to invited Longline Fishery Operators and Stakeholders only.