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MFMR to celebrate World Tuna Day on May 2

The Ministry of Fisheries will celebrate the World Tuna Day on May 2 and it plans to kick-start preparations soon.

MFMR Director Mr. Edward Honiwala said a working committee will be set up shortly to prepare for the World Tuna Day

The United Nations General Assembly had endorsed a resolution in December 2016 giving recognition to the event.

World Tuna Day is an initiative of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA), which has celebrated the day in the PNA region since 2012 following PNA government fisheries ministers endorsing the annual event in 2011. 

It is a reminder, said one PNA member when the day was established, of people’s role as “custodians” of this rich natural resource that is a food source for tens of millions of people around the world.

For the past five years, people in the island region have engaged in essay and art contests and special events celebrating the relationship between Pacific islands people and tuna through fishing, conservation and other activities such as science and art.

With the adoption of the resolution, World Tuna Day will be officially marked worldwide starting this year and not only within the PNA island region.