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Satlnk's Eduardo Jose installing a camera on SAN JAI FA No 15 while looking on is Derrick Tagosia
Satlnk's Eduardo Jose installing a camera on SAN JAI FA No 15 while looking on is Derrick Tagosia

Honiara, 24 Aug: Solomon Islands is the first PNA member to implement E-monitoring on its locally registered Longline Fishing vessels.

Global Fisheries and Solong Seafoods Ltd’s SAN JAI FA No 15 and ZHONG SHUI 717 were the first to be fitted the e-monitoring device.

The E-Monitoring units comprised cameras and recording hard drives. Data collected will be analysed later when the vessels call into port for transhipment. 

Instalment was done by two Satlink technicians Eduardo Jose from Spain and a Fijian Mr. Lasarusa Torovugalei. They were assisted by Solomon Islands Electronic Reporting and Monitoring Coordinator Mr. Derrick Tagosia.

Mr Tagosia was appointed last year with support from SPC and funding through the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation and TNC to ensure the implementation process is efficiently done

He is a key staff empowering MFMR to embrace this new technology. His role is to ensure an efficient collaboration between the Ministry, the technology provider, the fishing industry, regional fisheries management organisations and donor agencies.   

With his expertise and support from Satlink, the roll out of this e-monitoring program in Solomon Islands is expected to run smoothly during the implementation period.

Solomon Islands decision to implement e-monitoring on all locally registered vessels was based on the success of trials carried out in 2014 whereby two vessels were fitted with e-monitoring units and from data collected it showed that video electronic monitoring is a viable tool for producing standardised observer data. 

The trials were done in collaboration with the Pacific Community (SPC) and the Pacific Islands Fisheries Forum Agency (FFA). Two fisheries observers were also on-board the vessels.

Meanwhile MFMR EM Coordinator is appealing to the four local companies NFD, Global, Solong and SSI to schedule their remaining allocated boats for installations before end of October.