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Dried bech-de-mere in the overseas market/online source
Dried bech-de-mere in the overseas market/online source

The list of beche-de mer exporters will be announced once the license committee meets to decide on the successful applicants.

This committee comprises all the deputy directors, the head of compliance and licensing departments inside the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

Applications for export license to export beche-de-mere products had lapsed on September 10, and the Ministry of Fisheries is expected to come up with a list by Friday last week.

However, the committee is yet to meet to look at the applications and select those who would be awarded export license to export beche-de-mere.

Those applying have been given 10 days to submit their applications and the public have been expecting the announcement to take place on Friday however, it is likely that that will be made next week because of the delay.

Unlike previous years, individuals or companies applying to obtain a license must demonstrate to the Ministry that they have meet the following requirements:

§  Companies holding valid license or permit to export Marine Product in 2017, and evidence of doing business in the fisheries sector in the last 3 years.

§  Companies with valid Inland Revenue Division TIN;

§  Companies with documentary evidence of export returns from Central Bank of Solomon Islands

§  Companies with good standing records of compliance with fisheries regulations in the last 3 years

Director of Fisheries, Mr Edward Honiwala said companies or individuals not meeting the above requirement will not be considered.

Meanwhile, the director stressed that the “Open Period” for catching, harvesting for sale or processing for export of any beche-de-mer or beche-de-mer products will lapse on 30th November 2017.