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Fisheries Minister Hon John Maneniaru
Fisheries Minister Hon John Maneniaru

Fisheries Minister, Hon John Maneniaru was a happy man following Kiribati's decision to join the Longline Vessel Day Scheme at the recent 13th PNA Ministerial meeting in Nauru.

Kiribati has all along opposed the idea to buy into the Longline Vessel Day Scheme leaving Solomon Islands and the other PNA member countries as the only ones supporting the Longline VDS.

Solomon Islands implemented the Longline VDS since 2016 and is keen to see other member countries ibuy into the scheme.

Minister Maneniaru welcomed Kiribati’s decision to finally align itself with Solomon Islands and other PNA-member countries to implement the LL VDS Scheme.

The 13th PNA Ministerial Meeting had brought together ministers from the eight PNA member countries to the birth place of the organization to look at important issues pertaining to the organization and the management of tuna fisheries in their waters.


The PNA Ministerial Meeting, held annually is where important issues affecting the PNA as a group were discussed.

One of the important issues discussed was the Vessel Day scheme (VDS) - a scheme implemented by the PNA countries to manage the fishing activities in their fishing zones.

The Ministers heard that the implementation of the Purse Seine VDS in 2017 was successful as all Parties were fishing within their Parties Allowable Effort (PAE) for 2017.

Solomon Islands delegation comprised of Fisheries Minister, Hon John Maneniaru, the Permanent Secretary Dr Christain Ramofafia and the Director of Fisheries, Mr Honiawala.